About CherryTree:

CherryTree. V. 0.99.42

CherryTree is a clever program.
Its very suitable for source code snippets. A source code collection. To the left you have a treeview structure. This is where you create the entries.

Start by right clicking on the tree and select “Add node” or CTRL-N. Then name it f.ex “PHP database management”.
Then right click on that node and select “Add SubNode”, or shortcut: Shift-CTRL-N.
Name it f.ex “Database connection”. A window will pop up and this is where you name your subnode. You can select what the textfield to the right will be, either plain text or rich text, or the interersting “Automatic Syntax Highlighting”. A selectbox will be activated, and this is where you can select the code language that you want your Syntax Highlighter to show. Choose f.ex “PHP”.
Below this you can insert some tags, for when you do searching for a snippet. So you can add “php database connection”. Also you can choose to exclude the subnode from searches, and you can even select to have the page as Read Only. This could be useful if you want to be sure that the content will not be changed or deleted.

If you want another instance of CherryTree open, then you can in the File menu select “New Instance”. This will open a new empty CherryTree. Practical if you use CherryTree for different things. And need to have both versions open at the same time.
In the File menu you can export the documents to PDF and HTML. Also quite useful if you want to send your text to people and a PDF will be good as its a portable format. And for HTML it can be useful if you want to get your source code snippets made for the web. You have a few options, like selecting if its only the single document or all tree that you want to export. When you export to HTML it will create a subdirectory for the content in your chosen target folder.

Also you can choose if its the subnode or all that you want to export as PDF.

If you previously have used another note keeping software, then there are plenty formats that you can import into CherryTree. Its a long list so you can migrate easily, and keep you old content without having to write it all from scratch.
In the animation below you can see the Import menu.

When you select to save your content as, then you can choose to save it to a SQLite database or an XML file. I suggest the database as its a light database but fully capable.

In the preferences you can set things like Tabs and line wrapping, enable or disable the spell checker. It can manage the worlds main languages. You can set foreground and background colors. Your favorite font and size. You can even add or remove buttons from the toolbar. Also you can edit the shortcuts into how you like them. Choose settings for autosave and automatic backup, and also how many backups to keep. The preferences gives you plenty more options, but go and look for your self.

Here you see the menus presented.