About DragIt:


I will like shortly to present a useful tool to you here.
The program is called DragIt.
What it does is that it will scan your local network for other machines running this software.
The program will then present all the computers where DragIt is active.

To copy files to another computer in your network you simply drag the file(s) or directory/directories onto the rectangular box with the name and IP# of the machine you want to copy the files to.
Then on the receiving computer you will have to choose “Yes” to accept the incoming files and they will be saved in the directory you have selected to be where the files will be saved.

The program is nice because it makes setting up the connections between your computers easy and letting file transfers be done fast and without problems. The program just works. You have to select the directory for saving you incoming files, and maybe make a change in your firewall to let this program do its thing.

This is a short review, cause its a program with simple settings. But useful if you want a quick and easy way of moving files between your PCs. Faster than harddrives and USB sticks. And easier to setup than most other ways of making file transfers possible between computers in your local network.

The software works on both Windows and Linux computers.