FileZilla, the FTP Client.:


FileZilla is just a really good FTP client.
Its available for download for these operating systems;
Linux 32 and 64 bit. Windows 32 and 64 bit. And OSX.

You find it here:

Below the toolbar and the quickconnect bar, there is a larger area where the status of the program, connection etc is written. Its the Message Log, and it can be turned on and off in the View menu. If you right click that area you can get to enter custom commands, if you have need for such.
The local directory tree structure is found below, to the left. Its the structure for the local machine. While to the right its the listing for the server you are currently connected to. If you right click this, you will be able to rename or delete any folders in here. Also you can Refresh the view. Practical if you change files or folders in the list in f.ex your filemanager.

Below that is the files and folders listed in a listview. Again to the left is the local structure and to the right the servers folders and files, in the directory you are in currently.

You can click the top of the listview to organize the content after Filename, Filesize, Filetype, or the date of when the items were Last modified. You can click it once to activate it, and then once for having the list in ascent or clicking twice for having the list sorted in descending order.
That goes for all four ways.
If you right click on that bar, you will see a small window where you can select which of the four you want to be visible at all. And you can move them up or down, to have them arranged as you want them to be. The Filename can not be moved, while the others can, but none of them can be moved up to the first position where the Filename will reside.

At the bottom there is a list where successful and failed transfers are listed. This will let you see easily if any transfers failed. What can be very useful, so you can make any actions for that, like trying to copy these files to the server again..
If you right click this area you will be able to clear the view completely.

All in all I will recommend FileZilla to you if you need a good FTP client. Its stable and it is fairly easy to navigate around the folders and files. And I dont have any needs that is not covered by FileZilla.

Here are the menus in FileZilla: