Git cheatsheet:

The most needed Git command listet here.
git init
setup the git repos
git status
Show status of repos
git add index.html
Stage file for snapshot
git add index.html red.html blue.html pink.html
Stage multiple files for snapshot
git commit
Commit the snapshot (exec)
git commit -m “Message here..”
Commit the snapshot, give msg here, not to open editor
git log
Show log of repos
git log –oneline
Show 1 line log of repos, Get new short ID for checkout
git config -global “your name”
With the -global, for all your local Git Repositories
git config -global “”
With the -global, for all your local Git Repositories
git branch
Create or List branches
git checkout
Go to branch , f.ex = ID from -oneline log
git rm
Removes file from the brache (stop tracking)

Here is the Git Cheatsheet for print or download.
PDF (@ 11.8 kB )


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