About Lucky Backup:

Lucky Backup

If copying more files, or making a huge backup I will always use the Lucky Backup tool. Lucky backup is quite simple. But at the same time it covers what I need, for backing up purpose. As you see in the animation above, preparing a backup task is straight forward. Give it a name, select the kind of backup you want (Backup source inside destination or Synchronize source and destination). Then select the source directory, and the destination directory.

On the main window you can tick a checkbox to make the backup run as a dry run. (This means that it will simulate the backup). When you are satisfied and ready, then un-tick the checkbox and you can run the backup for real. You can make the backup run when it suits you. F.ex at night, or on some specific days of the week, or when ever it suits you. You can setup a cronjob. If you are familiar with Linux then you may know about this. For a short briefing go to this page. You can see the screenshot of that window in Lucky here: